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JXCE’s goal is to develop within students the intellectual and personal habits, virtues, and skills upon which responsible, independent, and flourishing lives are built, in the firm belief that such lives are the basis of a free and just society. The Academy prepares its students to be leaders in their homes and communities, entrepreneurs in business, and statesmen in government. Through its content-rich curriculum with a strong emphasis in civics, JXCE will provide a traditional education with a constant view towards developing exceptional American citizens.  

Finally, we agree with Aristotle that one becomes good only by observing and practicing right behavior. JXCE will instruct students in the classical virtues, both inside and outside of the classroom. Discipline, ethics, and personal responsibility will be modeled and expected. Students will be introduced to the virtuous behavior of timeless heroes and heroines of literature and history. Moreover, the school will define a standard of behavior using Six Pillars of Character (responsibility, respect, courage, courtesy, honesty, and citizenship) as complements to the four classical virtues (temperance, fortitude, justice, and prudence). Emphasis upon these standards of excellence will help students learn and develop virtuous behavior alongside patterns of thought and conduct based on high moral standards. JXCE’s robust academic program and training in the virtues will be supported by a well-regulated campus that fosters positive relationships between students, parents, and teachers.  The success of every student will depend upon his or her consistent effort and perseverance. Each student will receive the full support of a motivated and well-trained staff whose focus is academic achievement and a commitment to educational excellence.  For students of Jacksonville Classical Academy East, ultimate success will be becoming informed, discerning, and virtuous citizens of a free and just society, living full, rich, productive lives of purpose, responsibility, and happiness.