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Enrollment Steps

Enrollment of Your Child(ren) is a 4-Step Process

Step 1: Complete the Lottery Application
Complete the application on SchoolMint.  The link will be on the main enrollment page.
Florida law requires a random lottery when there are more student applicants than seats available
in a particular grade.
NOTE: Current students do not need to re-enroll. They are automatically guaranteed a seat for
consecutive school years. Only parents, step-parents, or legal guardians can submit an application for enrollment. You will be notified of lottery results via the email address and phone number you provide.
Please ensure they are accurate or we may not be able to reach you.

Step 2: Receive an Offer to Register or Waitlist Status
JXCE will run a random lottery using the SchoolMint software. During Open Enrollment, lotteries
will be held every two weeks.  For the next lottery date, please check the main enrollment page.
This process puts each student applicant into a random order. The number of student seats
available in each grade will determine how many families are sent Offers to Register. After the
lottery is conducted, the Offer to Register will be sent to the email and phone number you used
in your SchoolMint Lottery application. If your student is placed on a Waitlist due to there being
more applicants than seats available, you will be notified of the Waitlist status.

Step 3: Accept the Offer to Register
When you receive the Offer to Register, you will have 72 hours to accept the offer which lets us
know you plan to complete the registration process. To accept the offer, follow the instructions
in the email or text you receive from SchoolMint. If you do not accept the offer within the 72
hours, the next person on the Waitlist will be offered your seat.

Step 4: Complete the Registration
You will have fourteen (14) calendar days from the date you accept the Offer to Register to
complete the Registration. Families who do not complete the registration process by the due date
will lose their student's seat; that seat will be turned over to the next student on the Waitlist. One,
two-week extensions we will be considered in the event of extenuating circumstances. But only
if submitted in writing prior to the end of the first 14 days period.

To complete the Registration, fill out the Registration forms on the SchoolMint website here.
Enrollment occurs once all the registration forms and associated documents have been received
and approved.