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Uniform Q & A

Our authorized local uniform provider is RC Uniform

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RC Uniforms the only uniform option?
No, but they have good prices for the polo shirts, and the embroidery of the logo is included on all tops and outer ware.  You can still purchase from any uniform store that offers approved style/color. Stores include Walmart, Target, Old Navy. It is recommended that you check the uniform details and color on the uniform policy page before purchasing to be sure the piece conforms to the policy. 

Are logos required?
Logos are required on the scholars’ shirts, jumpers, dresses, and outer-most garments that will be worn in the school, including sweaters and jackets. RC Uniforms include the logo embroidery in the cost of the shirts, sweaters, and light jacket.  

Where do I find solid color shoes?
Do an online search for exactly what you’re looking for and you will find many different styles. Remember that students are outside daily and will need tennis shoes that are appropriate for outdoor activities. 

What kind of socks are approved?
Any length is acceptable. Socks must be solid navy, white, grey, or black.

Are belts required for pants & shorts?
For grades 1-5, all pants or shorts should have belt loops, and a black or brown (plain) belt is required. Recommend elastic waistband on shorts/pants for Kindergartners. Cargo pants, joggers, and jeans are prohibited.

What dresses are approved and for what grade levels? 
The sleeveless jumper and Polo Dress are for Kindergarten to 1st grade only. 

Are any navy shorts acceptable for under the jumper/dress/skirt?  
Yes. Navy or black sport shorts are acceptable.

What are the approved colors for hair bows?  
Solid navy, grey, or white.

What are some other uniform vendors?
Jacksonville Classical Academy East families have found quality uniform pieces at Target and Walmart. Additional vendors will be provided as they are identified.

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